Monday, 14 December 2009

Play Scrabble against the Computer with Scrabble Plus

Scrabble Plus for PC and Mac
This Scrabble game has all the fun of the classic board game, but with 3 new game modes to play. Plus you can go head to head with the two player option and play against a friend on the same computer. Or play Scrabble against the computer with varying levels of difficulty to test you Scrabble skills.

  • How to Play Scrabble Against the Computer
  • What is included in the Full Version Scrabble Plus Game
  • Where to Buy Scrabble Plus Game for PC/Mac
How to Play Scrabble Against the Computer
With Scrabble Plus you can play against the computer with 8 different opponents that range in difficuly level from novice to expert level. This is a great way to practise and improve your Scrabble skills.

As well as the classic Scrabble game mode, you can also play 3 new game themes: Golf, Battle, and Wizard

What is included in the Full Version Scrabble Plus Computer Game

This new Scrabble lets you play head to head in dual board action, plus there are some useful features like the helpful hints system, unique power-ups, challenging computer opponents, stunning graphics, and inviting arcade play.

This version of the Scrabble game will be suitable for both veteran and beginners alike.

Scrabble Golf: make the longest words to try to reach the green.
Scrabble Battle: take on an opponent and with strategic word manoveurs try to control the most territories.
Scrabble Wizard: put your word skills to the test and includes the Scrabble tournament game Clabbers.

Each of these new game themes include variations which in total make up 8 ways to play this Scrabble computer game.

Where to Buy Scrabble Plus
Scrabble Plus is available on:

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