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Bookworm Free Download and Full Version - Bookworm Deluxe Game

Bookworm Deluxe Full Version Download and Free Game for Mac and PC
Bookworm Free Download and Full Version Game
The BookWorm Deluxe is a word search game with a fun vocabulary building element. Where you must link letters to form words to feed Lex the hungry bookworm!
The longer the words you can make out of the letters the better.
Watch out that you don't feed Lex too many short words otherwise you'll set the letter tiles on fire that could end up burning entire library down!


Play Unlimited Bookworm Deluxe on Mac and PC

In this edition of the Bookworm word search game series, you have to select adjacent letters of at least 3 letters to form words, then click submit to feed to Lex the bookworm. When you submit valid you'll earn points and also clear the used letter tiles from the main panel screen, with more letters filling up the space. Watch out that you don't submit too many short words otherwise the letters will start to catch fire. If they do try to use those letters to get them off the main board.

Bookworm Deluxe Full Version Game

This is a fun word search game that'll also help you to use and improve your word power. Firstly by getting you to search for longer words and avoid setting the letters on fire. But also to help you build your vocabulary with dictionary definitions of the more unusual words you build. You can also check if the word you have submitted are valid, as correct words will earn you points and clear the letters from the board. You can see your score in the sidebar.

Bookworm Deluxe Full Version Game Includes:
  • Plenty of Word Search Games to Play!
  • Watch out for the burning tiles - you don't want to set the library on fire!
  • Two Game Modes: Relax with classic mode (not timed) or play it at a fast pace with the timed action mode.
  • You can save your last game and resume it, if you want.
  • Spell special bonus words for bigger points.
  • Save your highest scores in the Hall of Fame.
  • Make words up to 12 letters long!
  • In this edition there are brand new special Sapphire and Diamond letter tiles - which have higher points!
  • Upload your high scores to the web!
  • Lex the Bookworm will give you dictionary definitions of tricky words as you play!
  • This Bookworm Deluxe full version download is available for PC and Mac.
System Requirements for Bookworm Deluxe Full Version Download
* Windows 95/Windows ME/Windows 98/Windows 2000/Windows Vista/Windows XP
* 300 MHz Pentium or equivalent
* 32MB RAM
* DirectX 5.0

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